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Thanksgiving 2010

I have been invited to go and stay with my dear Aunt Tricia and Uncle Bill for the weekend, in the beautiful mountains, near Redding, California! This was last minute which is why your only out about it now. Because I will be gone until Tuesday, and they do not really have internet access, I will not be posting a Photo of the Week or a Picture of the Past (or be updating  my Facebook and possibly not even Tweeting, if my phone doesn’t work, which it probably won’t). I will try to make up for it next week, maybe doing another 2-in-1, though I hate doing that. I feel awful because I did the same thing last week, but truly, I didn’t really have time to prepare for it this time (schedule posts to publish on those days ahead of time, even though I’m not home). I will try very hard not to do that in the future! But, right now I am extremely tired, I might even venture to say I’m exhausted, after an amazing Thanksgiving and hasty packing. I love you guys and I hope you will stay tuned for next week’s posts. I’ll tell you all about my trip and hanging out with my silly, awesome cousins. And now, it’s time for some much-needed sleep and then breakfast in the morning with my family before we depart onward, towards our adventure.

Pictures tell a thousand words and I’m tired, so here ya go!

(I know they are almost all of me and that there are many family members I didn’t get pictures of, I’m sorry; horrible photo fail.I apologize I can’t write more but I really am exhausted.)

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