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This is our Tomato Plant.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly; plant. This is a single tomato plant, which as you can see, dominates our entire yard. It covers an area of at least 11ft by 6 ft!

I wish I could tell you that I raised this plant from seed, as I so enjoy doing, but alas, I did not. It was given to my grandma from our neighbor. My grandma said she ‘stuck it in a hole, and forgot about it’. Thank goodness its been raining!

We have so many tomatoes, it’s really difficult to not step on them when your trying to look for ripe ones. But it happens, and often. Do you know what it’s like to step on and squish something you love? I swear I can hear the poor tomatoes crying, begging to be given another chance as tomato sauce, ketchup, something!

Hunting amongst this beast’s branches is exceedingly fun; like trying to find easter eggs! Of course Columbus was a dear and helped me look.

Columbus, those aren’t ripe yet!

I want to know…How can you not love tomatoes? ^.^




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