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Give, Live, Love Coca Cola

Everyone that knows me well knows that I love all things Coca-cola. I also really love polar bears, so the two go hand in hand. Also, haha, another thing I love is magnets; they are like Christmas ornaments that get to stay out on you refrigerator all year-long! So what could be better than a Coca-Cola, polar bear magnet? I know I find myself, while in friend’s and family’s homes, looking at the pictures on their refrigerator, and at their magnet collection. Magnets are a fun way to show the world what things your interested in, or what vacations you’ve been on. I try really hard to always buy either a postcard or a magnet every time I go on vacation or to some special event; I can put the magnet on my fridge or use a magnet I have to put the postcard on my fridge. Gives you something to look at or talk about as you get a soda (a Coke, haha) out of the fridge.

Anyway, back to the story; I’m on Ebay a lot, I’ve sold a few text books and what not, but I really enjoy surfing through rare finds, nostalgic toys, and cheap costume jewelry from China. A few days ago I found an absolutely stunning Coca-Cola magnet from 1999; I had to have it, I was determined to be the highest bidder. As luck would have it, the gentlemen had 10 magnets (so I wouldn’t have to worry about missing out if someone else came along) AND he had it at ‘Buy it Now, OR Make an Offer’, (which meant I didn’t have to worry someone would outbid me). Even though he had the magnet priced at a very reasonable 4.99 with $1 shipping, I thought I would try to Make an Offer, wagering that if he denied, I would gladly pay the full price. He mentioned in the listing that he had found the magnets at an estate sell and that, though they were gorgeous, some of them were slightly yellowed. I sent him a short, but kind e-mail asking if I could perhaps have one of the ‘nicer’ magnets because I was an avid Coke fan and that it would be on my refrigerator for years. I thought it might have been rude of me to request that but I wagered that I was one of the first, if not the first, person to buy one of the magnets from him; I guess I figured I had an advantage. First come first serve.

He accepted my offer of $3 and I, excited, waited for the package to come in the mail. It came today, in a spark plug box, leaving me thinking at first, that it was my brother’s, but after seeing my name on it, I wondered when, and why, I had ordered car parts. Then I remembered I had ordered the magnet and I drove to my mom’s house to open it with her. Inside was the beautiful magnet, even more pretty in ‘real life’ then on the internet. BUT, lo and behold, there was ANOTHER magnet AND a matching pin, with a post-it note stuck to them that said,’ free bonus‘! I nearly cried in delight! I had told my mom all about this gorgeous magnet I was expecting, and she couldn’t wait to see it either. Now I had another one for her refrigerator (she also likes magnets). And the pin can go on the lanyard in my car, already covered in various buttons, that hangs from my rear view mirror. It was so extremely thoughtful of him to not only send me one of the ‘nicer magnets’ but to also send me an extra magnet and a matching pin. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness. Thank you Mark, from Glendale, Arizona: you are too kind. There are still good, kind, generous people in the world, and every time I drive my car and see the pretty pin hanging on my rear view mirror, I will remember this. And hey, maybe it will keep me from grumbling at slow drivers. ^.^


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